Result of the Written test for Executive Assistant (Sept. 2018) – GK Mirror

DARBHANGA BPSM Executive Assistant

Exam held on 15 Sept. 2018

1) What is the full form of LED? = Light Emitting Diode

2) What is the full form of HTML? = Hyper Text Markup Language

3) What is the full form of HTTP? = HyperText Transfer Protocol

4) Fugdi Folk Dance is popular in which state? = Goa

5) What is the full form of EBCDIC? = Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

6) Arrange in decreasing order = PB→ TB→ GB→ MB

7) Arrange in decreasing order = HDD→ RAM→ Cache

8) Which is Programing language convert assembling language to machine language? = Compiler (C Language)

9) IC made up of = Silicon

10) What is the full form of CC in e-mail? = Carbon Copy

11) What is the function of Ctrl+J in MS-Word? = Justify

12) Error found in programming and correction is known as? = Debugging

13) What key to start formula in Excel? = equal to (=)

14) What is the full form OTP? = One Time Password

15) 3-5-8-13-21 …?... = Ans. 34

16) JPEG, JPG, PNG and BMP file extension belongs to what? = Image or Photo File

17) Which is the smallest network? = LAN

18) Who is the governor of Bihar? = Lalji Tandon

19) What key is used for Cut/Copy & Paste? = CTRL

0) Excel sheet is known as = Spreadsheet

21) Which O/S is open source? = Linux

22) Which bank centrally operate all of the banks in India? = Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

23) What shortcut key is used for closing the active window? = Alt + F4

24) Grammatical & Spell Check error color indication in MS-Word? = Green & Red

25) Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Jai Bigyan said by? = Atal Bihari Vajpayee

26) What is the full form of 4G LTE? = Long Term Evolution

27) Watermark is used in MS-Word by which menu = Design Tab

28) Which river is not connected with river Ganga? = Ghagra River

29) Which device is used to connect with the internet between computer & telephone? = Modem

30) 1-5-14-30-55 ...?... = Ans. 91

31) Which basic rights does not have an Indian citizen? Ans. Right to property

32) Spreadsheet, MS-Word, Adobe Photoshop are an example of which Software?  - Application Software

33) Which is not pure O/P device? Ans: - Touch Screen

34) What is the use of encryption? = For security and safety purposes

5) What is the full form NIC in IT organization? - National Informatics Centre

36) 7 digit bit code contain how many bit codes? = 128

37) G-Sat is related to? = Space Science

38) Andaman Nicobar Deep Samuh oldest name is given by Subhash Chandra Bose: - Sahid Deep or Swaraj Deep

39) Hormel Lig established by? = AnnieBesant & Bal Gangadhar Tilak

40) Asian game held in 2018? = Indonesian cities of Jakarta and Palembang

41) Arundhati Roy wrote the Book = A God of Small Things

42) What is the use of Gutter in MS-Word? = Book Binding