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1GL : First-Generation Programming Language
2GL : Second-Generation Programming Language
3GL : Third-Generation Programming Language
4GL : Fourth-Generation Programming Language
5GL : Fifth Generation Programming Language

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ALGOL : Algorithmic Language
ALU : Arithmetic and Logical Unit
ANSI : American National Standards
ARPA : Advanced Research Projects Agency
ATM : Asynchronous Transfer Mode


BASIC : Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BCD : Binary Coded Decimal
BIOS : Basic Input Output System


CAD : Computer-Aided Design
CC : Carbon Copy
CDMA : Code Division Multiple Access
CD-R : CD-Recordable
CD-ROM : CD Read-Only Memory
CD-RW : CD-Rewritable
CLR : Common Language Runtime
CPU : Central Processing Unit
CRT : Cathode Ray Tube
CU : Central Unit


DAO : Data Access Objects
DAT : Digital Audio Tape
DB : Database
DBMS : Database Management System
DDR : Double Data Rate
DHTML : Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language
DLL : Dynamic Link Library
DNS : Domain Name System
DOS : Disk Operating System
DSN : Database Source Name
DTP : Desktop Publishing
DVD : Digital Versatile Disc
DVD : Digital Video Disc
DVD-R : DVD-Recordable
DVD-ROM : DVD-Read Only Memory
DVD-RW : DVD-Rewritable


EXE : ExEcutable


FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions
FDD : Floppy Disk Drive
FLOPS : Floating-Pont Operations Per Second
FOSI : Formatted Output Specificiation Instance
FS : File System
FTP : File Transfer Protocol


Gb : Gigabit
GB : Gigabyte
GIF : Graphics Interchange Format
GPRS : General Packet Radio Service


HD : High Density
HDD : Hard Disk Drive
HP : Hewlett-Packard
HTM : Hierarchical Temporal Memory
HTML : Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP : Hypertext Transfer Protocol


I/O : Input/Output
IBM : International Business Machines
IC : Integrated Circuit
IE : Internet Explorer
IIS : Internet Information Services
IM : Instant Messaging
IMAP : Internet Message Access Protocol
IP : Internet Protocol
ISDN : Integrated Service Digital Network
ISP : Internet Service Provider
IT : Information Technology


JDK : Java Development Kit
JDS : Java Desktop System
JPEG : Joint Photographic Experts Group
JRE : Java Runtime Environment
JS : JavaScript


Kb : Kilobit
KB : Kilobyte


LAN : Local Area Network
LCD : Liquid Crystal Display
LED : Light-Emitting Diode


Mb : Megabit
MB : Megabyte
MS : Microsoft
MS-DOS : Microsoft DOS


NIC : Network Interface Controller
NTFS : NT Filesystem


OLED : Organic Light Emitting Diode
OS : Open Source
OS : Operating System


P2P : Peer-To-Peer
PAN : Personal Area Network
PC : Personal Computer
PHP : PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
PNG : Portable Network Graphics
POST : Power-On Self Test
PSU : Power Supply Unit


QA : Quality Assurance


RAM : Random Access Memory
RGB : Red, Green, Blue (RGBA : Red, Green, Blue, Alpha)
ROM : Read Only Memory
ROM-DOS : Read Only Memory - Disk Operating System


SD : Secure Digital
SDK : Software Development Kit
SP : Service Pack
SVG : Scalable Vector Graphics
SVGA : Super Video Graphics Array


TB : Tera Byte
TDMA : Time Division Multiple Access
tmp : temporary
TTF : True Type Font
TTL : Transistor-Transistor Logic


UPS : Uninterruptible Power Supply
URI : Uniform Resource Identifier
URL : Uniform Resource Locator
USB : Universal Serial Bus


VB : Visual Basic
VBA : Visual Basic for Applications
VGA : Video Graphics Array


W3C : World Wide Web Consortium
WAN : Wide Area Network
WAP : Wireless Access Point /Wireless Application Protocol
WLAN : Wireless Local Area Network
WWW : World Wide Web


XML : eXtensible Markup Language
XP : Extreme Programming
XPI : XP install


Y2K : Year Two Thousand